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Why go with the Vampire Facial®?

-Skin creams and peels may be helpful, but not strong enough to rejuvenate the tissue adequately.

-Prescription medication may improve texture, however, results may be minimal and slow to appear.

-Fillers restore volume, but do not increase firmness, as well as, most are toxic to your body. 

With the Vampire Facial®, PRP growth factors, combined with micro-needling, turn on the skin's healing mechanisms, leading to a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, increased elasticity and firmness, smoother texture and younger color.


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Dr.  Keith Scheinblum, M.D.

When you choose Long Island Medical PRP for Vampire® treatments, you’re working with a certified professional, who is licensed by the Cellular Medical Association to perform this procedure. Please contact our office for a consultation to see if this treatment is right for you.